Pick Nic

The best throw of the dice is to throw them away.


Picknic is a barrier-free participatory portal site that collects and provides free information for those who have some kind of handicap, their family, and others.

Barrier-free information and universal design information are very important for people with disabilities who are not easy to go out compared to healthy people.
For this reason, the Internet usage rate for people with disabilities has been increasing rapidly in recent years.

There are many barrier-free related websites at present, but due to the limitations of the region and the types of information, we often hear that it is difficult to know which site to look for in order to find the information necessary for me. The

Picknic wants to handle comprehensive information all over Japan without limiting the region.
When you want to know something, or want to look into it, “I’ll do anything if I go to Picknic”.

However, it takes a lot of time because a small number of staff members collect individual information by telephone, e-mail, and local coverage.
There are various opinions depending on the type and degree of disability, so I think we must proceed with caution.

To be honest, it is difficult to get close to the ideal with our own power alone.
Therefore, we ask all of you for barrier-free information, opinions and cooperation.

We want to create a site that is easy to use for those who actually use it by making it a user-participation type rather than unilateral information.

In addition to barrier-free information, we will continue to enhance content that users need, such as shopping and communities related to barrier-free, so please look forward to it.

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